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Embrace Your Health and Skincare

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Elevate your hair and skincare routine with our serums and oils, designed to stimulate hair regrowth, nourish your skin, and preserve youthfulness.
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Elevate Your Grooming Game with Entera Skincare

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Our commitment to innovation and quality remains unwavering, providing our customers with the tools they need to achieve healthier skin, invigorating scalp care, and a confidence that radiates from within.
Embrace the ultimate grooming experience and unlock the full potential of your skin and hair with Entera Skincare.
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I’ve worn ballcaps for years to cover my receding hairline. Started using Folitin and now I can put them away. Feeling more confident every day.
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After a major surgery, I noticed my hair thinning and even coming out when I washed it. I had been warned that might happen, but it was still awful to experience. A friend told me about Folitin and I gave it a try and was so happy I did. After about a month of use, there was no more hair loss and it started to thicken up again.
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We have several genetic conditions in my family line that cause hair thinning and balding. I already had some knowledge about peptides and when I heard about this topical peptide product, I was really excited because I know peptides work. I wasn’t wrong. Folitin is working and the boost to my ego is pretty amazing.
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I have a thyroid condition that negatively impacts my hair and I’ve tried everything to get it to grow and thicken. I tried just about everything over-the-counter, vitamins, and even prescription stuff. I quit the prescription hair growth options because of side effects. After about six weeks of using Folitin, my hairdresser noticed a positive change in my hair and I actually started to cry. I can’t believe I finally found something that really works!
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I approached this product with a lot of skepticism. There are a lot of scam products on the market and I didn’t want to waste my money. I listened to a couple of different podcasts that mentioned Folitin and I decided to take a risk. I’m only a month in and I’m starting to see some new growth. Glad I took the chance.

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