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Autumn Grooming Guide: 5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Skincare Routine For Fall


As fall gracefully descends upon us, there is something undeniably exciting about the crisp, coolness of the autumn air and the deep hues of the scenery. It’s a season that calls for change—not just in your wardrobe but in your skincare, too.

With cooler fronts shifting in, you might notice your skin just doesn’t feel the same as it did a couple of months ago. As we bid farewell to the scorching days of summer and welcome fall, it’s crucial to recognize your skin’s changing needs in the new season. 

Let’s take a look at how your skin changes in the fall and some fall skincare tips you can deploy to keep your skin healthy all season long. 

Fall & Your Skin: How Your Skincare Needs Change With the Season

As the leaves begin to change, your skin’s needs change, too

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Fall ushers in cooler, crisper air, which often means lower humidity levels. Summer’s humidity makes it a lot easier to keep your skin hydrated, but a drop in humidity can cause your skin to dry out in the fall months and beyond. 

Our bodies also produce lower levels of sebum, the natural oils we use to keep our skin hydrated, in the colder months. So, that poses an additional challenge when maintaining your skin’s moisture levels.

Fall’s lower humidity levels and temperatures with the combination of our naturally lower production of sebum are the perfect recipe to leave your skin feeling dry and irritated—unless you tune up your skincare routine for the changing weather.

There’s no need to drastically change your skincare routine or complicate it with a bunch of new products to help your skin adjust to fall. A product swap here or there and a few adjustments, though, can really help your skin weather the new conditions. Let’s talk about a few changes you can make to your skincare routine for fall.

5 Tips To Adjust Your Skincare Routine For Fall man applying skincare in bathroom mirror

1. Keep your skin hydrated

As the air turns cooler and the humidity levels drop, your skin can become a victim of dehydration. We know our bodies naturally start to produce less oil in lower temperatures and lower humidity environments, too. If you don’t properly hydrate your skin in the cooler seasons, your body may start producing more oil than you need to try to hydrate your skin. 

If you have drier skin, fall and colder-weather months are when you really need to be mindful of your skin’s hydration. If your skin is naturally oilier, your skin may feel a bit of relief in drier conditions. That doesn’t mean you should stop moisturizing. No matter the conditions, you should still moisturize your skin at least once a day, but you may just need to switch the type of moisturizer you use.

In the summer months, most of us can get away with only using a light moisturizer. But, with drier air, our skin needs a little more love. Look for a thicker moisturizer, like a rich cream. Moisturizers with ingredients like ceramides and fatty acids can help rehydrate your skin in drier conditions.

Don’t stop at just your face and neck, either! Keep your entire body hydrated in the cooler months, too.

Skincare Tip Spotlight Sapphire Lux Firming Serum

You can apply products, like a serum, to your skin and use a thicker or petroleum-based moisturizer to lock in the benefits of your serum while hydrating your skin overnight. This technique is known as slugging

The serum you use before your moisturizer can address your other skincare concerns beyond hydration, too. Our Sapphire Lux Firming Serum tightens and firms your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Our serum includes ingredients formulated to stimulate collagen production and shield your skin from environmental stressors. This serum helps you retain moisture while amplifying the hydrating effects of other moisturizing ingredients.

Apply a serum, such as our Sapphire Lux Firming Serum, to your skin and top it off with a thick moisturizer to make the most of your serum while hydrating your skin.

2. Mind your cleanser

Cleansing is the basis of a good skincare routine, and choosing the right type of cleanser this season can help you maintain a healthy complexion. 

We tend to use harsher cleansers in the summer months, but as your skin becomes drier and more sensitive, these can strip your skin of your natural oils. In the fall and cooler winter months, swap out your harsher summer cleanser for a gentler one.

Look for a cleanser with a gentle formula with a creamy or milky texture. Your cleanser should still work for your skin type, so make sure that you consider your skin needs when looking for your fall cleanser.

Skincare Tip Spotlight

If your skin continues to dry out after switching to a gentle cleanser, try cleansing your face once a day rather than twice a day. Wash your face with warm water in the morning and cleanse your face in the evening before going to bed. 

3. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is an essential part of any skincare routine, but summertime conditions can make it difficult to exfoliate your skin regularly. Fall is the perfect time to start safely and regularly exfoliating your face.

Exfoliation helps clear out your dead skin cells so that new skin cells can take their place, effectively unclogging pores and diminishing skin dullness. By removing these dead skin cells, our skin becomes much more sensitive to the sun. Summer and sun exposure can make it difficult to properly exfoliate your skin without a bit of damage. 

Fall is a great time to introduce exfoliation to your skincare routine since we tend to spend more time indoors. But, you have to find the proper balance so you don’t strip your skin. 

Start slowly—around once a week—to allow your skin to adjust. After you exfoliate, properly moisturize your skin, and always remember to wear sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Skincare Tip Spotlight

Physical exfoliants, like face scrubs, can cause microtears to your skin. It’s generally safer for your skin to use chemical exfoliants, like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). Glycolic acid and salicylic acid are among two of the top chemical exfoliants.

4. Keep using sunscreen

Since we just mentioned sunscreen above, let’s talk about your sunscreen needs in the fall. You need to use sunscreen year-round—NOT just in the summer. Sunscreen should really be part of your year-round skincare routine.

UVA rays—the ones that cause our skin to age—are still just as intense in the fall and winter as they are in the summer. These rays can penetrate through clouds and fog, so even on grayer days, your skin can still experience some sun damage. 

Make sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Apply this daily, and reapply throughout the day when you spend time outdoors. 

Skincare Tip Spotlight

Platinum Restore Serum

Sunscreen isn’t just about preventing sunburn—it’s also a crucial element to prevent aging. UV radiation breaks down collagen, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Applying sunscreen in the fall and adding an anti-aging serum to your daily routine is key to maintaining youthful skin. 

Our Platinum Restore Serum is specially formulated to diminish signs of aging while leaving your skin looking visibly plump and rejuvenated. Nourishing your skin with an anti-aging serum and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays are the best steps you can take to keep your skin youthful and healthy.

5. Embrace facial oils

Facial oil may not be part of your summer skincare routine, but it may work wonders for your skin in the fall and winter. 

Most facial oils on the market tend to be rich in peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins. Facial oil can nourish your skin while locking in moisture to keep your skin hydrated. You can add oil to your skincare routine as a moisturizer or even just use it a few times a week for an extra hydration boost. 

The type of face oil you use depends on your skin type. For people with oily or acne-prone skin, look for lighter oils high in linoleic fatty acids. These types of oils are less likely to clog your pores and can still be easily absorbed by your skin.

For people with dry skin, look for a medium or heavy oil. These tend to take a bit longer to fully absorb into your skin, but they will help your skin better lock in moisture. 

Skincare Tip Spotlight Platinum Silk Hair & Body Oil

In fall, your beard is not just a style statement—it’s also your natural shield against the cool autumn elements. Proper beard care during fall doesn’t only ensure your facial hair looks top-notch but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your skin beneath. 

Our Platinum Silk Hair & Body Oil can be used to hydrate your body from head to toe, leaving both your beard and your skin rejuvenated and hydrated. 

Infused with an antioxidant called C60, our oil will also protect your body from free radicals that damage your skin, delaying signs of aging. With regular use, you’ll notice rejuvenated, hydrated skin and a vibrant complexion. 

As the leaves start to change and the temperatures drop, your skincare routine needs to transition, too. By switching out or adding a few products to your skincare routine, you can help keep your skin healthy and hydrated all season long. Get ready to face the cooler weather with confidence and a skincare routine that’ll keep you looking sharp this fall.

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