Folitin Pro Directions

Apply 2-3 drops of Folitin Pro to a clean, dry area of your scalp, and gently massage for 30 seconds or use as directed by your clinician. Folitin Pro is for the SCALP, so while it will, of course, be in the hair, the focus should be massaging the formulation into the scalp. Using techniques such as dermarolling or microneedling with Folitin Pro are encouraged (but not necessary) as they drive the product deeper into the scalp. Less is always more with the application of Folitin Pro. Folitin Pro is a concentrated peptide formula and a tiny bit goes a long way when properly applied. Those with longer hair may need a bit more product to massage through their hair into the scalp. You must ensure you are applying directly to the scalp with the needle nose applicator of the bottle.
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