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Folitin Hair Growth Serum

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Folitin is our revolutionary, topically-applied serum made from a proprietary blend of active peptides that works to reverse hair loss and improve the overall health of your scalp.

Before and After

I have been using since mid-July 2023. My physician, Dr. Jerry Cooley, at my Sept 8 visit with him, stated he has seen noticeable growth over the past 8 weeks being verified with before and after photos. To everyone, Folitin is worth a trial period. I plan to be a user for sometime with these early results.
Tommy S.

Our Proprietary Peptide Blend

Components and mechanisms that work to reverse hair loss and improve the health of your scalp

Folitin Hair Growth Serum Reviews

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Elevate Your Self-Care Routine with Entera Skincare

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Experience the future of hair regrowth with FOLITIN, the revolutionary product from the pioneers behind Auxano, the patent-pending hair growth solution that has already transformed countless lives. This next-generation solution is set to redefine the hair care industry yet again, taking a multi-faceted approach to tackle hair loss and thinning.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our top questions below

What is the best way to apply Folitin for maximum results?

Apply 2-3 drops of Folitin to a clean, dry area of your scalp, and gently massage for 30 seconds. Folitin is for the SCALP, so while it will, of course, be in the hair, the focus should be massaging the formulation into the scalp. Using techniques such as dermarolling or microneedling with Folitin are encouraged (but not necessary) as they drive the product deeper into the scalp. Less is always more with the application of Folitin. Folitin is a concentrated peptide formula and a tiny bit goes a long way when properly applied. Those with longer hair may need a bit more product to massage through their hair into the scalp. You must ensure you are applying directly to the scalp with the needle nose applicator of the bottle.

What is the ideal maintenance routine for using Folitin, once the desired results are achieved?

A general maintenance routine would be to apply Folitin 1-3 times per week to the area of concern.

Are the hair regrowth results with Folitin permanent?

The effects of Folitin may not disappear or reverse upon halting treatment. Depending on the root cause of an individual's hair loss, their overall health and lifestyle, a maintenance schedule may be beneficial in maintaining long-term results. Many hair loss solutions only treat the underlying symptoms. Once treatment is ceased, the benefits disappear rapidly. Even when the use of Folitin is halted, the cumulative regenerative effects that occurred during the treatment cycle will remain. But depending on the cause of a person’s hair loss, a prudent strategy would be to use Folitin from a maintenance level when there is a noticeable sign of increased hair loss due to age, genetics or excess thinning/shedding.

How long after I apply Folitin should I wait before taking a shower and washing my hair?

We recommend applying Folitin post shower in the morning or the evening to allow for maximum absorption in the scalp. If you are going to shower post application, we recommend a minimum of 3 hours for Folitin to be absorbed into the scalp.

How fast can I start seeing results with Folitin?

How fast someone may see results will vary depending on lifestyle factors (epigenetics) and genetics. These factors range from the overall state of an individual's cellular health to the root cause of the hair loss itself. Some people have reported noticeable results in as little as three weeks. Typically, results can be seen anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks after you begin using Folitin. It is important to understand the lower one's systemic inflammation (due to lifestyle), the better the results will be.

Does Folitin Cause Any Side Effects?

Folitin does not cause any disruption to hormonal systems or impede biological system pathways. Because it stimulates the body to enhance natural biological processes, no side effects are produced. The cellular health of the end user will always be the chief determinant to the ultimate success and results achieved when using Folitin.
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